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20 for 2020

Happy new year !

I was definitely not planning to write another New Year’s resolutions post, but the fact that yesterday I read the one I wrote for 2019, completely changed my mind.

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The Ordinary – review

Today I wanted to put into light some products that are making so much for my skin since I moved to Canada. As many of you probably already know, here, we have just 2 seasons: winter with -30 degrees Celsius and summer with +40.

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Amazon most loved items

Since we moved here, Amazon turned out to be an amazing tool, dangerous 😀 , but still amazing. I totally agree with my husband when he tells me that sometimes I cross the line, the border even 😀 , but lately I started to be more conscious about what I need and what I don’t, so after a full year I can talk with you about my most loved Amazon items.

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How to use Pinterest without getting broke!

I know that many of you are already familiarized with this great tool called Pinterest, so today, I want to show you a very simple way of using it as a daily inspiration for your outfits, without spending a dime if you are not interested in doing that.

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Save your money!

After searching happiness in lots of wrong places, I think I am finally on the good path. I already spoke in other posts that a person doesn’t need much in order to be happy, so in this post I want to share with you some of the things that helped me avoid spending lots of money on worthless things.

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The endless pursuit & the things that sparkled!

I just came to realize that after a full year of changes, the calm has finally settled down, and I decided to write about some of the things that made possible, this state of mind.

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I can’t get no…Satisfaction!

Denim jacket : Dynamite | Sunglasses : Police

I’m currently reading a good book that reminded me of the Rolling Stones’s hit (I Can’t Get No Satisfaction) that, unfortunately,  defines this era. A couple of years ago I realized that less and less things bring real joy for more than a few seconds and, from that moment on, I tried continuously to find a solution.

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19 for 2019

Sweater : Pull&Bear (past collection) | Leggings:

Happy 2019! Inspired by all the things that 2018 taught me, I decided that I need a plan and, most of all, I need to stick to that plan in order to put our lives on the right path.

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Briogeo WOW or not ???


Hei, hei houray!

If you are an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube or any other social media platform fan, you already know about “Briogeo”, because it is everywhere. For those of you who did not hear about it, Briogeo is a brand which commercializes hair care products without the 6 unhealthy components found in almost every other hair product on the market.

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Hey, hey, houray!

The long journey with so many steps that you need to pass through when you decide that you want to immigrate to Canada, it is just the beginning, the first drop in the new, wild ocean of opportunities, fears and hard times that is about to begin when you actually move in.

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