Who am I ?!?

This is a question that hunts me every day… Each time I think I have it figured out, my life changes completely…

All that I know is that I am a strong women. I love life, I love laughing, I love growing by discovering this new place that I live in. I am not always up for big changes, but with time, I always come around.

A year ago I moved to Canada. Here, all that I thought I knew suddenly didn’t matter. For a lot of people that I had the chance to meet, Canada is a fresh start, a new life with new opportunities and a big amount of great changes. For me, the first year was a struggle in which I grew a lot and I finally understood what really matters in this life.

What am I doing here ?!?

Well, stick with me and you will discover! But I think you all deserve a sneak peak 😉 .

My plan with this blog is to speak about all the things that add value to this life, to share with you the things that I believe matter and the things that make life easier.

I am a huge believer in “doing more with less” and I hope to be creative enough in order to make my blog an interesting space for you.

At this point in my life I am very into slow fashion, I love adding timeless pieces to my wardrobe and then, present them to you by creating endless possibilities of wearing them.

So don’t go too far, we will talk again soon!

Until then, xoxo,