Oh, hi there summer wardrobe! This warm, sunny weather inspired me today to write about some cool ways to elevate any outfit. Stay with me and get inspired!

0.1 chose appropriate underwear

This is one crazy little step that is often forgotten, unfortunately! Harsh bikini lines that everyone can spot when you turn around are never a good idea. Neither is a bra or bralette that is suffocating your body. Keep this in mind next time you choose an outfit. I’m sure you’ll see the improvements!

0.2 wear pieces that actually fit you

I always choose to actually go shopping, not ordering online. This is the simplest way to have pieces that fit your body. Either this or a tailor! Personally, I am not into bringing all my stuff to a tailor, I am all on board for special occasions, but for a day to day basis I only pay attention at: does it fit well, is this the proper size and is this complementing my body. I hope some of you, at least, can relate to my way of thinking. My advice for you, for your next shopping experience, is to try on every piece and decide after.

0.3 rule of 3

More than often, we put our outfit together with a pair of pants (or a skirt) and a blouse, basic stuff that each and everyone of us has in their closet. This rule of 3 is specially designed to add a “wow” factor to your look. All you need to do is just think of what you can add to your “today’s outfit”. It can be anything, a scarf, a blazer, a jacket, a hat, a red lipstick, so get creative!

0.4 roll up your sleeves

Doesn’t matter if it is a business or a casual outfit, rolling up the sleeves instantly transforms your look into a fresh and confident one. I’ve done this all my life, even before I knew this is an actual thing and I’ve always loved the way it looked. I’m sure many of you have done it also, so don’t stop now!

0.5 tuck in

This one goes hand in hand with rolling up the sleeves and has almost the same outcome. You can chose to go for “all tucked in” or just “the front tuck” of your blouse. Either way, your look will be instantly elevated!

0.6 go monochromatic

Wearing the same color from head to toe makes wonders for your appearance, the reason being: it elongates the figure and it gives a “she knows what she’s doing” look. At the same time, it is classy and elegant, so a lot of pluses here!

0.7 quality over quantity

Invest wisely your money! I’ve learned the hard way that I don’t need all the pieces that are in trend right now because, most likely, I am not going to wear them more than once (which, by the way, is very disrespectful in regards to the environment). I know that quality is expensive, but I got to the conclusion that a lot of inexpensive stuff are way more expensive than a few quality pieces.

0.8 go brand-less

Be original, always be yourself and don’t try to be what you’re not by using fake pieces that are visible from space. These days, almost anybody can make the difference between a fake and an original piece. From my point of view, it is way better to be seen wearing a nice quality leather bag of a not that well-known designer than a fake Gucci one.

0.9 go wrinkles free

You can choose either to steam or iron your clothes or to buy pieces made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics such as wool or silk. No matter what you choose, you’ll be able to see improvements in your day to day look.

1.0 wear what makes you happy

At the end of the day, everything that matters is your own happiness, so don’t wait for approval, just be creative and always be yourself. A good state of mind is the foundation that you need to be able to build on top of it. Take care of yourself first!

Thanks for being here with me!