I love a polish, classy look at any hour, so I decided to put up a list of 5 combinations of black pieces which are suitable for every occasion.

For each one of those 5 combos I will add one accent color, in order to elevate it and for make it pump. If you are curious about what sort of ideas I came up with, you are welcome to spend some time exploring them.

outfit no. 1

Graphic black T-shirt + black mom jeans + black biker jacket – This is one of my favorite spring outfits. It makes me instantly look cool without any effort at all. Any graphic Tee makes the outfit pump, and to add value to it, you can accessorize it with a pair of glasses or sunglasses and a pair of sneakers or sandals. Depending on your plans, you can add a tote bag, a backpack or a cross-body bag.

outfit no. 2

Black top + black slim fit jeans – The simplest way to look polished & classy is to wear an all black outfit. For the second outfit, I chose items that can be worn at the office. This is a very basic outfit that can be dressed up or down depending on your own preferences or occasion. I chose to wear it in combination with my peony pumps, some gold & black accessories and my neutral cross-body bag.

outfit no. 3

Little black dress – Summer is here and what is more appropriate for summer that a dress ?!? The answer is nothing, so choose one that makes you fell good and go concur the world. I chose to wear mine with a pair of nude flat sandals and some gold & black accessories.

outfit no. 4

Black shorts + black high neck top + black blazer – this combination is great for an evening date and it is such a classy kind of look. The accessories that I chose to wear are some layered necklaces, my signet ring, my golden watch and a pair of glasses. For shoes I opted again for my peony suede pumps… can you tell that I love them? đŸ˜€

outfit no. 5

Black office dress – This is the kind of look that you can wear at the office and look great with no effort. To accessorize it, I opted for a silver watch and a pair of glasses. For shoes, I chose my pair of nude sandals.

For those of you who made it this far I want to thank you and to share with you a great tip. In order to look amazing with every occasion, start using the rule of 3. Every time you choose an outfit, have in your mind to use a “third touch”. It can be a belt, a bag, glasses, hats, a blazer, or any other accessory, but don’t forget about it. With this simple rule, your look will give the impression of a very well thought-out outfit, when in fact you just played and had some fun.