Last month was a special one for me: I got to see my family & friends after 8 months, so its beginning was awesome. I thought that I can share with you the things that made this month of May special for me.

I’m not going to talk about things that can be put in one category, it is going to be a “melange” with all the special moments that happened in May.

  1. Seeing my family & friends – this is by far the best thing that happened to me in May. I cannot overpass it, because I love them so much, my whole world is turning around them and since I left I learnt a lot more about love and respect, about the things that really matter ๐Ÿ™‚ . So, for those of you who are lucky enough & have family & friends all year around beside you, I just wanna say that I envy you and that you should definitely show them more love and affection !
  2. Long walks – When I was little, I used to love to walk with my mom every single day. After I moved to another city to continue my studies, the evening walks became rare and once that I moved to Canada, they become almost nonexistent. But, as I said, this month I got to see my mom and, guess what we did almost every day ๐Ÿ˜€ … yep, long walks that I enjoyed a ton. Not only this kind of activity keeps you healthy, but it also gives you the time to actually enjoy the company of your loved ones. So, find yourself someone to walk with and, thrust me, you’ll be happier!
  3. Driving – yeah, I know, this sounds like someone else, not me ๐Ÿ˜€ … but somehow, I changed my feelings about driving and I feel awesome ! So, my advice to you is “when in doubt – drive around”, as it somehow makes you regain control of the situation and helps you clear your mind!
  4. Aladdin (the one that plays now in cinemas)- oh my God this movie made me relive my childhood, it kept smiling the entire time. It definitely made me happier when I saw it, and it keeps doing it now that I share it to you. Oh, Will Smith is one cool genie ๐Ÿ˜‰ !
  5. Sweetbread with cheese (Cozonac cu branza) – My dad is an amazing and passionate cook, but I am a tough girl to impress, so the first time that he offered me this dessert I refused it because it’s not the traditional way to do a sweetbread. Besides that, it had raisins and I cannot stand raisins… For Easter, he did it again because the whole family loves it and I don’t know how, but this time I tried it and, of course, I was blown away by the taste. It was so delicious, I cannot put it into words. I found the recipe here, so you can try it, if I made you curious ๐Ÿ˜‰ !
  6. Josie Maran argan lip sting plumping butter (shade:free it grapefruit) – I have always been attracted by natural looks, no make-up make-up looks, soft glow and these sort of things. This lip butter checks, for me, every category mentioned before and I think it is a great lip product for the warm months. It is very soft and the plumping effect makes me feel so fresh for a good couple of hours.
  7. Fitness & Yoga – This month me & my husband made a gym subscription that I consider to be the best thing that we did for our health since we moved here. For those of you who are a lot like us and spend a lot of time behind a desk, and for anyone else actually, it is compulsory to exercise if you desire to live long & healthy. I’m not saying that you have to go to the gym, to pay a trainer or to spend money to get in shape, what works for us maybe will not work for you, what is important here is to move, to do every day some kind of physical activity ๐Ÿ˜‰ .
  8. Pointy toe slingback pumps = a nice pair of shoes – this is a great purchase that I made this month because I usually don’t wear heels the reason being: I don’t know how to walk on heels. During one of my long walks through Winners, I found the perfect pair of shoes for me. Although I haven’t had yet the opportunity to get them outside, I know that they are comfortable and that I will use them big time in the future. The link from above is not the one for my actually shoes (they are out of stock on their site), but are pretty close, and as a bonus, they are on sale!!!

Bonus: I started to read this book recently. I think she is an amazing woman, so if books are your cup of tea, then let me know in the comment section below and I will try to talk about this subject more often ๐Ÿ˜‰ !