Month: June 2019

Flirty summer looks

The season that everyone is expecting, until is actually there, has arrived. I love summer, I was born in July and I love the fact that summer gives me the opportunity to dress the way I love. On the other hand, I’m not a fan of very hot days, wearing a ton of sunscreen in order to be protected, feeling most of the time sweaty.

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10 steps for better outfits

Oh, hi there summer wardrobe! This warm, sunny weather inspired me today to write about some cool ways to elevate any outfit. Stay with me and get inspired!

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5 All black outfits you’ll love!

I love a polish, classy look at any hour, so I decided to put up a list of 5 combinations of black pieces which are suitable for every occasion.

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A white blouse and 5 business-casual outfits

I spend a lot of time thinking and doing research about how to maximize the wear of the pieces that I already own. I’m a huge believer in “less is more” since the day I was born 😀 , so to be able to create different looks with what I already have it is an amazing exercise for me and for anybody else as well.

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The Ordinary – review

Today I wanted to put into light some products that are making so much for my skin since I moved to Canada. As many of you probably already know, here, we have just 2 seasons: winter with -30 degrees Celsius and summer with +40.

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May favorites…

Last month was a special one for me: I got to see my family & friends after 8 months, so its beginning was awesome. I thought that I can share with you the things that made this month of May special for me.

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