Since we moved here, Amazon turned out to be an amazing tool, dangerous 😀 , but still amazing. I totally agree with my husband when he tells me that sometimes I cross the line, the border even 😀 , but lately I started to be more conscious about what I need and what I don’t, so after a full year I can talk with you about my most loved Amazon items.

I choose to speak about 5 items, some of them I used on a daily basis, I can’t even begin to tell you how my life improved after I bought them. Each and everyone of these items are prime eligible if you are based in Canada 😉 .

  1. PowerLocus bluetooth over-ear headphones – cute and comfy headphones, are doing a great job cancelling the noise, for me they work perfectly and I love that they have a case, but don’t get fooled they are still a 35 $ headphones so the sound quality it is not the best, but definitely not the worst. Great choice for children also, because of their range of colors 😀 .
  2.  Fancii waterproof facial cleansing spin brush set – this is the item that I used daily sometimes twice a day. This is a high quality spin brush that made the biggest difference for my skin. It has 3 interchangeable brush heads suitable for all skin types and all needs. It can be used with your favorite cleanser and what else … oh, I know, I love it 😉 .
  3. GoWood sunglasses – I convinced my husband to try them because I liked them from the first glance, but I thought they are best suitable for men. I think it is not necessary to say that I use them also, because they are so well made and I find that the wood frames are such a nice and classy touch. We both like them pretty damn much.
  4. Esr iPhone XR case – this is one of the best purchases I ever made. It is a great case and it is so practical. There is no need to say that we are almost inseparable.
  5. Promun travel pillow – I bought this for a 15 hour flight, I used it twice and I am pretty pleased, it is comfy and a very good fit for my neck. I like that I can use it tied up in front for  great support or untied for a looser fit.

All of these are items that we used for more than 6 months ( minus the travel pillow ), so I can totally say that I am impressed by the quality and the fact that we never had any problem with these items. They made our life easier, prettier and, to sum all this up, they were great purchases.