After searching happiness in lots of wrong places, I think I am finally on the good path. I already spoke in other posts that a person doesn’t need much in order to be happy, so in this post I want to share with you some of the things that helped me avoid spending lots of money on worthless things.

1. Set a purpose, a period of time, in which you cannot buy anything but food and try your best to succeed. There will be lots of moments when you need to find excuses to buy, but be strong, you can resist the temptation. After that period of time, you regain some of the confidence and control that you lost along the way.

2. Respect the rule of “do not buy one if you’re not giving up one”. This rule is so important because makes us realize what we have and if it is worthy or not giving up something you own, and maybe love, in order to buy something else just for the sake of buying.

3. Keep asking yourself before any purchases “ Do I really need this?” and also “If I buy this, will my life be any better?”.

4. Unfollow all the persons in social media that are continuously telling you what to buy next. If you feel that you spend a lot of money on foolish things and you want a change, you must isolate yourself from the pressure of seeing new shiny things every day.

5. Be selective! Not everything you see on the internet is good for you, so before adding something to your cart, take 1 second to rethink that decision.

6. Keep order in your closet, your house, your life. By doing this, you’ll be able to see what you already have and you’ll be a little more conscious when you decide to invest in something else.

7. Fast fashion is not worthy! That neon sweater is not here to stay, it’s just a faze so that money spent on it is lost for nothing.

8. Use your time by doing something else than scrolling between products. Find a hobby, watch a movie, read, cook, walk etc.

Now go spend some quality time with the ones you love! 😉