I just came to realize that after a full year of changes, the calm has finally settled down, and I decided to write about some of the things that made possible, this state of mind.

Life is an “endless pursuit”. Every day we wake up with other ideas that we must follow in order to stay on the track, so finding peace is a very difficult thing, if you ask me.

From what I have seen, the toughest thing is not to have a job or a hobby that I love, and I’m almost sure that I’m not the only one that feels this way. My direction was completely screwed when I moved to Canada, and for a couple of months I stayed at home most of the time. All I was thinking was how much I miss my job, the hospital I used to work in, being helpful etc. Everything changed in the moment I found an exciting thing to do.

1. The first one on my list of LATELY LOVES is my french course. It’s so important to find a motivation, a purpose, and this course is doing that for me. It is my full time job and hobby since 5 or 6 moths ago, and I’m so grateful that this is part of my life now.

2. I am far from being a calm person, but unconsciously, I always tried to become one because it is definitely healthier. So, in order to finely become a peaceful human being, I started doing YOGA. So far so good, I love it and it seams like I’m able to be calm for a full hour and a half, way longer than before. 😉

3. The third thing on my list is so random, but every time I eat it, I feel instantly happier, even the moments of making it along with my husband are the best , so, my advice for everyone is to find things that bring pure joy and stick to those. And we have a new favorite meal : grilled duck breast with pea purée.

4. Life is so much better in hoodies and sweatpants! OMG, I lost a lot of time being a lady like girl, when in fact it is way better to be a lady in sweatpants. Canada definitely helped me with this aspect, because without understanding what cold really means, you never look for comfort. 😀 You guys, definitely must try it!

5. The fifth thing I enjoy lately is living here in this beautiful town, in this amazing country! Not a day goes by without missing my family, my friends and Brasov, but I think I can be a good daughter and a good friend from anywhere, so with this in mind, I can totally say that I’m grateful to live here, to have the chance to discover this new world.