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I’m currently reading a good book that reminded me of the Rolling Stones’s hit (I Can’t Get No Satisfaction) that, unfortunately,  defines this era. A couple of years ago I realized that less and less things bring real joy for more than a few seconds and, from that moment on, I tried continuously to find a solution.

We live in a world in which we can have everything (and even more) but, somehow, we just don’t have enough. Everyday we wish for more, we find something else that is missing from our lives, and, at the and of the day, even if we purchased that missing thing, we realize that we are a step away from depression. Why??? (is what you ask). The answer is very simple, in fact. We don’t need a lot to live and be happy, so all the things we buy and are not vital are just junk that put a smile on our faces for a minute, maybe less.

We are constantly guided toward purchasing. The media is filled with advertising, which, by all means, it’s a good thing. We can keep up with the “NEW”, with the “REVOLUTIONARY”. What drives us into depression is the fact that we don’t select anymore, we buy unconsciously, without asking ourselves: “Do I need this?”.

Trying to overcome that lack of satisfaction, we don’t stop, in fact we accelerate the rhythm because we want more minutes of happiness per day and, by doing that, we are able to create a temporary illusion of happiness that in the end gets us in a bigger hole. The worst feeling in the world is when you look back and you realize that, even if you have a lot of stuff, another year passed and yet you are not happier, smarter or anything else that matters.

To be able to eliminate the temptations, and become a rational human being, we just need WILL and 1 MONTH, because all the customs are build through this period of time. I’m not saying that after 1 month our lives are completely changed, but it is the perfect amount of time for making a change that can become a habit if the will exists.

I return to this subject in other posts, definitely, but for now I think I fulfilled my purpose if at least some of you will ask yourselves next time making a purchase the magic question: “Do I really need this?” 😉



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