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Happy 2019! Inspired by all the things that 2018 taught me, I decided that I need a plan and, most of all, I need to stick to that plan in order to put our lives on the right path.

The most important lesson that I’ve learnt is that NOTHING is more important in this life than your health and the health of your loved ones, and when I say nothing I really mean it – that awesome car, that fancy boat, that 5 ***** luxury trip, that diamond ring, that house, all of these are worthless if that one most important thing is missing. With these in mind, my priorities, my wishes and my expectations from 2019 are totally changed from the ones that I had for many years now.

Like every other human being that lives in this era, in which the possibilities are endless and it seems that nothing is enough, I’m constantly attracted to have more, to buy more, to achieve more, forgetting from time to time that I don’t really need that much to be happy, I only need that one important thing that I mentioned already.

So, I decided to make a lot of changes from this moment on and this article is my reminder of what really counts and I hope some of you will find little inspiration here if you are in need 😉 .

1. Try a Yoga class

2. Learn how to wisely invest money

3. Speak french like a “québécois”

4. Spend quality time with the loved ones

5. Have a medical check up

6. Embrace my new life

7. Leave behind the fears

8. Believe that good things happen

9. Learn how to be calm, how to react calmly in any situation

10. Find my happy place

11. Do something new every month

12. Be more patient

13. Attend a Queen live concert

14. Take a bath in the Atlantic

15. Keep my friends close, even though we are apart

16. Adjust my beliefs

17. Take care of my family

18. Write more articles

19. Laugh more and be happy

And there you have it. If you feel the impulse to share your own plans for 2019, don’t be shy 😉 .

Wishing you all an amazing 2019 !