Fresh in the heat

Looking all put together when the temperature goes insane is a pretty difficult job, further more if the heat goes hand to hand with plenty of humidity, so I thought this is the perfect moment to share with you some useful ideas that maybe will help you to stay chic and fresh during hot days.

Starting your day with a cold shower will give you, besides the much needed wake up push, some good hours of freshness, so my advice is not skipping this step, especially during summertime.

Moving on to the part that really makes the difference between fresh or drained, here are some tricks which will save your day! 😉

Without any doubt, the key to a stylish and fresh look is simplicity! We all know that, but during summer, this simplicity needs to climb to the next level, and by this I mean that anything that can increase the discomfort caused by the heat needs to be eliminated.

1. Life would be so easy without that hour spent in the morning doing your makeup, but, seriously now, I am a girl and I know some things are mandatory in life 😀 so in summertime choose to wear the lightest version of your makeup. Instead of that high or medium cover foundation choose just a tinted moisturizer, or if your skin allows you just a SPF moisturizer that will provide you the glow and the protection that you deserve without being heavy.

2. Always set down your light makeup with a good setting spray. This step will allow you to remain fresh for a couple of hours, and you can use that setting spray whenever you feel the need to be refreshed.

3. Sticking to simple and natural look, one of the most important things you need to do during hot days is to wear natural, good quality materials. Choose clothes that fit your personal style, but instead of buying trends, invest in high quality items that are free from nylon or polystyrene and just like that you will be safe of bad odour all day long 😉

4. Although the heat can cloud your judgement, always remember that your fresh look during summer can be saved by adding some elements that will elevate you instantly. For example, I am totally in love with scarves and coats, those elements define my personal style, so during summer I improvise and I choose silk scarves and blazers. Other things that elevates your entire look as soon as you put them on are the necklaces, or if you are not a necklace type of girl, bracelets. From here, if your personal style or your job allows it, you can be as inventive as you like when it comes to accessorize your outfit.

5. My plan about this fifth idea or step was to tell you about the importance of using a comfortable pair of shoes that will let your feet breathe, but as I was reading what I told you so far, I realized that the secret of looking good throughout a hot day is to remain calm, no matter what happens. So, in order to look fresh all day long, besides the other ideas that I have just mentioned, try your best to stay calm. This will save you from the excessive sweat and discomfort that a nervous breakdown offers you.

These were my tricks for a nice and all put together look during summertime. I hope you enjoyed this article and I will see you in my next one. Stay close ‘couse my next one is just around the corner ! 😉