Hey, hey, houray!

The long journey with so many steps that you need to pass through when you decide that you want to immigrate to Canada, it is just the beginning, the first drop in the new, wild ocean of opportunities, fears and hard times that is about to begin when you actually move in.

I clearly recommend thinking twice, actually much more than twice when it comes to these kind of decisions that will make or brake your life all the possible ways.

I was never sure I wanted to take this step, although Romania it is not the country you want live in, at least is not right now, I was ready to wait until the things got better. Never in a million years I would have chosen to move on the other side of the Earth, if my husband wasn’t so passionate about Canada. Maybe I would have embraced easier an European country, but Canada is just to far from home to feel comfortable in.

As you can already see, I am not yet sure about what I am supposed to do here, but I am 100% sure that I will give a try to any opportunity that comes along.

Enough talking about me and let’s move on to the part that interests all of you, those who want Canada to become your home one day. So, if you’re like us, you want to finish your duties as quickly as possible, this means your first weeks will not be your own.

Everything begins when you land. Even though you dream for a bed like never before, for at least, at least 2 more hours you’ll be there providing detailed information about yourself to the immigration officer. Assuming you can stay up until they finish processing you 😀 , here’s what’s next 😉 .

First of all you need a SIN (social insurance number) that will prove your identity. Even if it looks to be quite important, you can get one from Service Canada in about 30 minutes, and right there you’ll be “wow!”-ed for the first time “a governmental institution that’s moving fast, very fast in fact” 😉 .

Now, that you are able to prove your existence, you’ll need to take care of: a bank account, a phone number and the health insurance. I totally forgot the very first thing that you wanna take care even before you arrive, and that is a place where to stay! If you have friends or family here, you are a happy case, because you can ask them to help you with this (search for a place, stay with them for some time etc). No matter how, you need an address for everything you want to achieve.

For the bank account and the phone number, you just need your documents and some free time. By documents, I mean: your lease to prove that you are living here, your proof that you are a permanent resident of Canada (this one you’ll get at the airport when you land), your passport and, for the bank account, your SIN.

The health insurance is another procedure that you must take care of and, like the others, the only thing that you must have is time to spend, everything else will come along. And also, you need the CSQ if you are in Quebec.

Once you take care of all your paperwork, you can start enjoying your life, but not before you buy a car. Having a car is a must here, since the distances are greater than the ones you are used to, and being able to go quickly from A to B gives you confidence and power.

I think this is enough for now, I will post constantly articles on this subject for those of you that are interested. In my opinion, they contain valuable information which will simplify your arrival here, in Canada, as a permanent resident. As a disclaimer, in the next articles I will talk about accommodation, French courses, and finding the perfect job, so I hope to see you in my next one as well 😀 .

In conclusion, I just want to tell you that once you are here, you will feel much more frightened than you have ever felt, and it is normal… we are humans and we have fears, especially when we are apart from our loved ones, so don’t let them conquer you and with time, things will settle down and peace will govern once more. Give yourself time !!! 😉