Love vs hate !!!

Hey, hey, houray!

It has been a while since I posted the article with “Top 5 favourite cosmetic products” , so I thought that, maybe, it’s time for a new one because I’m a girl who loves trying new things and I have some new goodies to show you ! 😀

I have a lot of new products that I want to talk about, so let’s get started with the “hated” ones, because I want to save the best for last. 😉

1. The first 2 products on my hate list are “PANTENE volume-high lifting hairspray” & ”Pantene Pro-V Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray”. In my opinion, a good hairspray does not make your hair sticky, nor heavy, but unfortunately these 2 products are just made for that. After using any of these for a day, I could honestly remove from my hair some white sticky dust… what a shame!!! 🙁

2. Another product that disappointed me on so many levels, maybe because I was expecting too much, is the “Pantene Sheer Volume Texturizing Non-Aerosol Hair Spray”. Maybe you’ll think I have something against Pantene, but this is not the case! I really love a lot of their products and I use them on a daily basis, but these proved not to be worthy for me 🙁 !

3. Moving on, I’ve recently purchased my new crush perfume and I’ve received a bag full of test products from Shiseido. I love most of them, but unfortunately I can’t stand SHISEIDO Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream. We all know that skincare is personal and what works for me not necessarily will work for you, so all that I tell you here, are my personal thoughts. For me and for my type of skin, this moisturizing cream it’s not working, just minutes alter applying, my skin looks oily, and if I try to use it like a base for foundation I get the same result, my entire face looks oily. Maybe I will save it for the winter period when my skin is on the dry side, but for now it’s a “hate” 🙁 .

4. Now, talking about makeup, since I moved to Canada I purchased some new eyeshadows from “the body shop”. I’m a fan of them because their products are good, they are cruelty free and I tend to move on this side of healthy, organic and cruelty free products, but somehow all 4 summer shades that I’ve purchased, although very pigmented, are so dusty and so not worthy. Unfortunately, they do not stand on my eyelid, not even when I use some good eyeshadow base.

5. This last one on my “hate” list I purchased after seeing a lot of good reviews about it, but somehow I just can’t see anything different after using it. I am talking about L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray so for me it’s a “No no” .

Moving on to the “wow” part of this article, I am totally excited to talk about the products that I’ve loved for a long period of time and about some new ones that I just started to love 😉 .

1. I will begin this category also with a hairspray, this time with the one that I love. A drugstore product that’s worth the hype, that performs like a salon hairspray, with no white sticky residue, without adding heaviness and being just perfect. I’m talking about L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray Sleekissime.

2. The second product in the “love” category is one that I can’t recommend it enough because it is so good to my skin, it is light, with no odor, doesn’t get my face greasy and it can be used as a primer anytime. It is KIEHL’S ultra facial cream, my beloved moisturizer of all times.

3. Getting to the makeup products that I love, first of all, I want to talk about an eyeshadow pallet that I love beyond words, and although I have others that I enjoy, I keep coming back to this one because its colors are wearable throughout all seasons and because the quality of it is amazing. The colors are not adding up in your crease, and you’l be amazed how little fall out you’ll experience, not to mention that are so easy to blend. All this intro is for my precious TOO FACED-Chocolate bar eye palette.

4. Moving on to mascara, I cannot talk about just one because I have two favorites. The first one is my old and forever love L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara . Even though I live for trying new thinks, I keep going back to this one because it’s doing an amazing job for my lashes, gives them length, volume, separation and so on… The second one is a new addition to my makeup collection and I am so happy because this one is waterproof and it offers more length than my other favorite. I’m talking about Shiseido-Full lash multi-dimension waterproof mascara , it is a catch, so if you look for a waterproof mascara, you’ll never regret if you choose this one 😉 .

5. The last one on my favs list of today is an incredible setting powder, that was recommended to me by a dear friend and since I bought it, I use it in every single makeup routine. My wonder powder is TOO FACED-Born this way setting powder and I love it because it makes my oily skin look less oily no matter what I choose to wear under it.

This is all for today’s article, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! See you in my next one!