Hei, Hei Houray!

Last couple of years were particularly challenging for me (I earned my medical degree, I started working in the field, I got married, I moved on the other side of the Earth, I lost a lot of weight and other things in between). To be able to get through all of these, I was forced to learn to adjust, to improvise, to move on…

I hope these following tips & tricks will save you a lot of time in your daily routine or if you’re facing similar situations 😉 .

Without further ado, let’s get started:

1. If  you’re getting ready for a flight across the ocean ( or long flight to… wherever) leave your sexy outfits in the luggage and try to wear the longest, warmest & coziest sweater that you own, some comfortable long trousers and a comfy pair of shoes. During the flight, the temperature in the cabin is low and due to your lack of movement for a long period of time, you’re facing frozen body parts – not cool for sure 🙁 .

2. Hydrate yourself, as a general rule, and even more when you are flying! – your body, and especially your skin, will thank you 😉 .

3. Do not wear make-up throughout the flight! Your skin is suffering at that altitude anyway, it’s already very dry and not flexible at all, so why hurt it even more ?! If you’re meeting your loved ones when you’re landing, keep some make-up products in your purse and use them before landing.

4. If you’re not stressed about what others think – use a hydrating face mask during your flight (good for both men & women) – your face will be thrilled!

Now, changing the subject because I am on the ground already 😀 …

5. For a better wearing, lighter & brighter skin, mix your foundation with a drop of oil ( I use the Daily Reviving Concentrate from KIEHL’S and I have a combination of normal and oily type of skin) – the effect is crazy cool, try it !

6. If your lashes are kinda like mine, thin and soft, you better choose a mascara with a silicone applicator – your life will be easier and the effect is wow 😉 .

7. Johnson’s baby shampoo is a good cleansing, especially when you use water proof make-up, or if you are a fan of false lashes – give it a try, you’ll be amazed ! Just in case you are not convinced, you can still use it as a cleansing for your beauty-blenders or other make-up tools.

8. Invest your money in basics that are wearable through multiple seasons and tendencies, and keep yourself in the spotlight through little precious details ( a beautiful necklace, a nice pair of sunglasses, an elegant scarf, not to mention a perfect pair of shoes or a stylish bag ) – keep it simple, that’s the key of success!

9. Try to be more careful with the things that you buy, choose healthier products to eat, a shampoo with more natural ingredients etc… baby steps for a better life 😉 .

10. This last one is the most difficult – choose to see the beauty in every moment, in every person, in every day – life is tough and beautiful at the same time… choose to focus on the beautiful part of it ! 😉

Hope you enjoyed my tips & tricks ! See you in my next one !