Month: June 2018

Who wants to get… SKINNY?!?

Who wants to get... SKINNY?!?

Hei, Hei Houray !

After a very long struggle with different diets, I feel that I finally got what I was looking for. Now I am confident about my body, I think that I am at that point in time when I know what my body needs, I know what and when to eat and drink, and I definitely know what amount of exercise I need for a good, healthy life.

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Tips & Tricks about… everything!


Hei, Hei Houray!

Last couple of years were particularly challenging for me (I earned my medical degree, I started working in the field, I got married, I moved on the other side of the Earth, I lost a lot of weight and other things in between). To be able to get through all of these, I was forced to learn to adjust, to improvise, to move on…

I hope these following tips & tricks will save you a lot of time in your daily routine or if you’re facing similar situations 😉 .

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New World Folks

New World Folks

Hey, hey hurray!

I really, really need to apologize for my absence here on the blog, my life just turned upside down (not in a bad way), so that’s why I vanished as quickly as I appeared 😀 . I hope you guys will understand. Fingers crossed for us to be able to spend some quality time together from now on 😉 .

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